We are abyssinian cat breeders

In Freesoul-Abyssinian we are conservative of the Abyssinian cat breed.

We family raise our cats with love, respect and professionalism in a country house near Barcelona, in  Spain.

We are specialised in the Abyssinian breed of layer hare, also known as layer ruddy.

It all started in 2015 when we went as visitors to a feline world expo and there we first saw the Abyssinian cat. It was an adult male, extremely styled, with intense colour. We found its beauty incredible, which we thought was the mini version of a puma.

We were surprised when we asked to touch it: that cat so wild jumped to us! He started purring and petting us. 


We were totally fascinated.

We acquired our first cat in 2016, from the house Descavelier (now extinct), a modern style kitten with which we acquired our first titles.Our cats are modern style, refined and extreme. We monitor the health of our furry ones because it is, without a doubt, the best sign of respect and love for the race.
The goal of freesoul home cattery is the improvement of the Abyssinian cat breed, promoting the breed and getting deeper in training cats. 

Preservation breeding provides certainty in physical  and behavioural traits in pedigree cats.


" Time spent with cats is never wasted. "

Sigmund Freud