knows one of the oldest breeds

Abyssinian cats

The Abyssinian cat is said to have its history in ancient Egypt. The Egyptian population worshipped cats. They were part of their religion and had deep beliefs around this little animal.  They considered them children of the pharaohs and even their reincarnation.

Although popular mythology has it they were of African origin, there is no evidence to support this theory

The Egyptian population worshipped cats. They were part of their religion and had deep beliefs around this little animal. They were considered the sons of the pharaohs and even the reincarnation of them.

Perhaps that is why it has been said that the Abyssinian cat has its history in ancient Egypt.

The reality is that the origins of Abyssinian cats are mysterious, as some place them in Egypt, others in Abyssinia, the current Ethiopia and others in Southeast Asia.

Character and personality

The Abyssinian personality is quite different compared to many other cats. His social needs are high, because he does not like solitude, and being a loving cat, he tends to stick to those who care for him. It is dependent on its master, in fact, many owners comment that their way of being reminds them of a certain aspect of a dog.

Social Needs

Abyssinians are active, inquisitive, and fearless. They love climbing and getting up into high places. If there aren't enough suitable toys and active play, they will find things to play with, and you might not like their choices! Abyssinian are trainable, but respond best to rewards and encouragement, and react poorly to force or punishment.

Physical features

At first glance, the Abyssinian cat is associated with a small puma for its characteristic fur and for its great ability to climb, although it is slender and stylized figure, its physical features are likewise very particular.
Bond strongly to humans, and enjoy other pets.

An immature cat?

One of the most mentioned traits of the Abyssinian cat is that when reaching adulthood, these are still 'immature', so some consider and point out that his personality is like that of 'a permanent puppy'. It does not lose that naughty and playful character, typical of a cat puppy, but in general this cat is extroverted, active and curious like all cats, but it is also very intelligent, a trait that not many know.

His intelligence

Intelligence is another characteristic of the race. It is convenient to develop and stimulate it, if possible through games and circuits, so you will be doing physical activity at the same time. Likewise, they can be trained if their owners wish, although cats are not very popular for taking into account certain demands and controls, with Abyssinian cats this is possible.